About Lisa


Lisa Boulton

I grew up in a family of artists, in the Santa Monica Mountains. As a child I would spend the entire days exploring the creeks and mountain terrain, never fearing the natural world around me and feeling a deep connection to nature. 

My life would eventually bring many learning experiences, as an artist, as a jeweler, a volunteer in my son’s schools, a realtor, a writer, a business owner, a medical assistant, phlebotomist, and eventually a caregiver. But it wasn’t until I discovered Hypnotherapy that everything I had learned suddenly came into focus and pointed in one amazing direction…the reason I survived cancer and went back to college, the reason I wrote a book for kids coping with cancer, my creative intuition; all of it helped me to better understand the human condition and work with people to recapture their own peace and personal wisdom. 

Our greatest truths are deep within us, not outside of us in a sometimes chaotic world.  All we have to do is go within to meet them, and in doing so meet with our own magnificence.

It is with pleasure and deep peace that I offer to you the same kind of understanding that helped me find my own path in life.