Lisa Boulton

For appointments & inquires please contact me. (530) 263-8048      


Each session is tailored to meet my client’s individual needs. While some people only need one session, others may need more. Generally, I suggest three sessions to move forward with your goals. It’s up to each person to decide. Other goals, such as weight loss, require 6 to 8 sessions depending on how much weight you want to lose. I also stay in touch with my weight loss clients at no cost to help them stay on track until they achieve a lifestyle change they’re happy with. Again, everyone is different and may need a different plan, these are general guidelines.

Briar Patch Co-op members can receive a 10% discount. As well, I offer a sliding scale if you are a senior on a fixed income or a cancer patient unable to work and on a limited income. Please ask me about it.

Thank you, your business is appreciated.