Lisa Boulton





April 14, 2018

Extremely relaxing, gave me hope that I might find peace within myself. I may have even found a path to healing that I believed to be impossible. Thank you for guiding us through our group session. - DC

Wow! For a group session this was wonderful. Not only did you assist me to reconnecting to my path, your tone and presence in the room was felt. Thank you for filling my heart with personal cheer, giving me another channel to make a better tomorrow, honored to be a part of this session. -  SK

I enjoyed it very much! You were great Lisa! - ND

Deeply relaxing! A transformative healing experience. - MS

Thank you Lisa, I loved your presentation. I loved the meditation. I would like to try hypnosis. I love what
you are doing for the world. - 

Lisa – Your presentation was wonderful, interesting and inspiring! Learning about your journey has
made me think about my own, and the time is now…to move forward gently and with courage. - 

Hypnotherapy sounds like a natural miracle worker! Enjoyed hearing about the amazing success stories! - KF

I enjoyed feeling the light pass into and out of my body! I feel much better! Thank you! - KL

October 30, 2016

I can say the sessions I've had with Lisa were a wonder.  She was able to guide me to places that were not only an insight into my inner 
heartache, but also to release that ache. Lisa's exceptional compassion and gentleness combined with her skill at rich guided imagery made me feel safe and secure. At the end of my sessions I was more aware and relaxed than I've felt in years. I trust Lisa unconditionally and feel I've benefited from working with her, and in ways I'm still discovering.
With warm regards and wishes for your good health,  
Lisa O.